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There is no such thing as a bad book or bad writer.

I provide editing services to writers in all genres and publishing destinations. Whether you’re writing a blog post, short story, dissertation, novel, or business letter, I can help polish your work to perfection.

My only goal is to help you reach your destination.

​​​Editing costs should not be a barrier to publishing. I utilize free hosting and rely on word-of-mouth advertising to keep expenses low. Regardless of your financial situation, editing is available.

​What I do

  • ​Provide all feedback through track changes in Word or Google Docs
  • Provide scene outlines for developmental edits with change recommendations
  • Provide in-depth feedback within the document and in a separate editorial letter for developmental edits
  • Maintain the author’s voice during line edits
  • Work with the writer during the revision process
  • Provide suggestions regarding word use to improve clarity and story

​What I do not do

  • I am not a ghostwriter
  • I do not change the writer’s voice through added narrative

Developmental Edit

Developmental editing looks at the big picture. Does the story flow well? Are there plot holes? Are the characters well-developed? Is the setting developed? Is there diversity and inclusivity?


Content / Line Edit

When people think of editing, it is most often line editing. This stage of editing focuses on the finer points of storytelling: sentence structure and flow, word choice, grammar and punctuation, weak writing, gendered writing, overused words, and more.


Query Submission

When submitting to an agent, the query letter and first fifty pages are make or break. Recent studies found agents will stop reading on page one if the hook is not engaging, stop reading in chapter one if the voice is not engaging, and reject by chapter three if nothing happens. The query submission package polishes your query letter and first fifty pages, ensuring your manuscript is putting its best foot forward.

$25 flat rate

I have never enjoyed a professional relationship as much as I have with my editor. Her passion for her work is only surpassed by her thoroughness and attention to the minutest details.

R. Webb (Rhapsody in Blues City and Blues City Heat)

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