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When you’re eleven, nothing is small.

Maddie Ware has everything planned for sixth grade. She will be in Mr. Crowley’s class with Sammy and Kim, win the science fair, and spend every night with Grandma and Grandpa.

Life has other ideas.

Maddie’s plans are turned upside down after she reads her name on Mrs. “I like to give homework every night” Cooper’s class list. And it all goes downhill from there. She’s going to need a dash of hope, a pinch of faith, and a cup of forgiveness if she’s going to have the best year ever–oh, and learn how to bake.

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Growing up under a cobblestone bridge is hard, but it’s home.

Running away from Saint Christopher’s Home for Children was an adventure for Timothy, Sarah, and Edward. They made the family they wanted. When a lost black cat enters their lives, their makeshift family’s bonds are tested. Each must find it in themselves to let go of the past, or risk losing their family again.

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Nothing but anghenbeasts and death is found outside of Bakerton.

Fifteen-year-old Echo Monat is different. She dreams of grass that doesn’t cause blisters, trees that don’t kill on contact, and people who live outside of Bakerton. Each spring, all Year 10 students explore career possibilities, study, and prove their worth to Bakerton. Echo hopes to prove her worth and move on with her life.

The day before graduation and the assignment ceremony, Bakerton tosses her out like last week’s trash. Armed only with her dreams and her ever-faithful dog, Charlie, Echo faces a new world filled with anghenbeasts, hunger, fear, loss, and lies.

A world filled with acceptance, color, and freedom awaits her … if she can survive.

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