Pay Attention

Inundated with old requests, new orders, and a vague command from the higher-ups to “streamline admission protocols to handle the forthcoming rush”, Kevin sat at his desk and groaned. He grabbed a stack of old requests, looked through his pile of stamps and selected “Approved,” then set to work sorting. Left pile would wait for the rejected stamp, right pile earned an immediate stamp and shove down the paperwork slot. As he glanced at the request, his mind wandered to the projected flood. “As if things are busy enough,” he muttered, stamping one and setting the next to the left. His thoughts were interrupted by a knock on his office door. He turned and smiled at Angela as he continued stamping and filing. She looked radiant in a new crisp, white suit. The hallways lights cast a golden halo around her bright red hair. The more she spoke of meeting up later that night, the faster he worked. When she left, he turned and gasped. Paperless, his desk looked too clean and new. It sent a shiver up his spine. “Wha… what harm could it have caused? I mean, it’s not like–“

“Gate angel, Kevin Williams, report to Peter at once,” a voice boomed in his office.

Kevin took a deep breath, removed his name tag and halo, and glanced around his office. “Wonder if Hell’s bureaucracy is any better?”

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